History & Goals

We were a group of students in grades 9 and 10 when we started. We’re just older now.


ReadStudio was started in 2015 on a basketball court and finalized in classroom. Initially we only featured borrowing of books, because we realized that our society did not have a strong library system which would help in the exchange and borrowing of books. So people would buy new books which would cost money and resources, even though there would be willing individuals to lend books. We sought out to connect the lender and the borrower.

We created a community within the school where we catalyzed the exchange of books. In 2016, our school recognized our efforts and helped us conduct seminars and assemblies to increase our community. Initially our website had the problem that only a friend would borrow from a friend. We realized that if this was the case, then we weren't adding any value. So we moved on to donation of books for the children who would never have had access to books otherwise. We collected over 250 books in our very first donation drive, which was a whopping success.

In 2017, we brought back the borrowing feature, where anyone could borrow from anybody, which not only meant that borrowing of books would have an increased spectrum, but also that people of similar interests would be connected.

We also thought that it is important for people to know which book is good for them as well as to provide novel way for users to talk about the borrowing feature, so we introduced the write feature in 2018.


At times one is dependent on money to buy books. Our aim is to remove the money barrier without removing the physical touch of a book by providing a medium of exchanging books for free. Not only do we provide ease in finding an appropriate lender of a book, but we also allow you to donate your old used books to people who wouldn’t have enough money to buy a book or sufficient resources to access the internet.

Our goal is to provide free access to all books for everyone by utilizing an existing resource instead of creating a new one. In today’s world of social disconnect and resource crisis, we envision an environment where people physically meet each other, form a society where reading is nurtured, and facilitate borrowing instead of buying, ultimately saving paper on a large scale and meeting like-minded people with the help of books. We are working towards creating a world where poor does not longer mean knowledge becoming inaccessible, by collecting old books from you and giving them to the needy.