ReadStudio is the perfect place to quench your thirst of reading the old fashioned way.

We value the physical touch of reading a book and would like to nurture that relationship, at the same time saving you the extra cost of buying a book as well as saving paper without removing the existence of the book. We also realize that there are some who are not fortunate enough to access the internet or to possess the money to buy a book. For them, we collect books that you no longer require. Pass them on because a book may get old, but not its words. We believe that the spread of knowledge shouldn’t be hindered by money.

How I borrowed your book- a ReadStudio short movie

Here’s a short skit about a kid who didn’t have the money to buy a new book, but used ReadStudio to borrow one instead and quench his thirst of reading.

What our users have to say.

Anjali Maheshwari, Teacher

“ReadStudio is a great idea, and I see a lot of potential in it. They helped me donate books for a good cause.”

Anil Aggarwal, Founder, Hamara Book Bank

“The constant effort and passion of reading of Abhishek, Dhruv, and Sameer has helped hundreds of kids who weren’t able to buy new books. I wish them success in their endeavors.”

Malab Barik, Student

“In our society, where there is no strong library culture, the importance of book exchange is extremely vital, and I commend ReadStudio for this.”

But we don’t stop here.

We love to teach. Although books play a paramount roll in our lives, teaching often involves experiencing beyond the words. And that’s why we started the idea of teaching underprivileged children with substandard educational facilities by taking science experiments and concepts and giving live demonstrations to help them understand the life around them at the Gyan Shakti NGO. We enhance the relationship between student and textbook by bringing the written concepts to practical observations.

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